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Passing 14 LDS Temples on a 14-hour trip from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. I don’t know what the pioneers would be more amazed by- that it only takes 14 hours to get from LA, or that there are 14 temples on the way. Either way, it’s a miracle in itself that both are true.

What an amazing way for you and your family to be able to visit 14 temples in just 1/2 a day (or days, if you want to lengthen it a little), and feel of the power that comes from even being in the presence of them.

Here are the 14 temples that you could visit that are either on the way or slightly off the path, and the time to get from one to the next:

1st Stop: Los Angeles, California Temple Los Angeles CA LDS Temple

4 h 35 min

2: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas LDS Temple

1 h 53 min

3: St. George, Utah

St George UT LDS Temple

51 min

4: Cedar City, UTAH

 Cedar City Temple by Blaine Cox

(Photo Credit: Blaine Cox)

2 h 23 min

5: Manti, UTAH

 Manti UT LDS Temple

1 h 10 min

6: Payson, UTAH

 Payson UT LDS Temple

20 min

7: Provo City Center, UTAH

 Provo City Center UT LDS Temple

8 min

8: Provo, UTAH

 Provo UT LDS Temple

20 min

9: Mt. Timpanogos, UTAH

 Mt Timpanogos UT LDS Temple

24 min

10: Draper, UTAH

 Draper UT Temple

16 min

11: Jordan River, UTAH

 Jordan River UT LDS Temple

10 min

12: Oquirrh Mountain, UTAH

 Oquirrh Mountain UT LDS Temple

30 min

13: Salt Lake City, UTAH

 Salt Lake UT LDS Temple

20 min

14: Bountiful, UTAH

Bountiful UT Temple

And just like that, you’ve travelled to 14 different temples on the best road trip ever!

Have you done this or any other similar trips? If so, let us know in the comments!

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