Two times a year, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have the amazing opportunity to be inspired by church leaders on how we can live our lives better every day and become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. @ILoveGenConf on Instagram and Facebook posts a talk every day that helps us all to prepare for the next General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In the 30 days leading up to General Conference, we will read all of the talks from the October 2018 General Conference!

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Or, here is a day-by-day schedule that will take you to the right place (just click on the talk and it will take you there!):


Day 1Wednesday, March 6The Correct Name of the ChurchRussell M. Nelson
Day 2Thursday, March 7Deep and Lasting Conversion to Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus ChristQuentin L. Cook
Day 3Friday, March 8Lift Up Your Head and RejoiceM. Joseph Brough
Day 3.2Saturday, March 9Laying the Foundation of a Great WorkSteven R. Bangerter
Day 4Sunday, March 10Now Is the TimeJack N. Gerard
Day 5Monday, March 11Be Not TroubledRonald A. Rasband
Day 6Tuesday, March 12Gather Together in One All Things in ChristDavid A. Bednar
Day 7Wednesday, March 13Truth and the PlanDallin H. Oaks
Day 8Thursday, March 14Firm and Steadfast in the Faith of ChristD. Todd Christofferson
Day 9Friday, March 15Come, Listen to a Prophet’s VoiceDean M. Davies
Day 10Saturday, March 16One in ChristUlisses Soares
Day 11Sunday, March 17Our Campfire of FaithGerrit W. Gong
Day 12Monday, March 18All Must Take upon Them the Name Given of the FatherPaul B. Pieper
Day 13Tuesday, March 19Believe, Love, DoDieter F. Uchtdorf
Day 14Wednesday, March 20For HimJoy D. Jones
Day 15Thursday, March 21Divine DiscontentMichelle D. Craig
Day 16Friday, March 22The Joy of Unselfish ServiceCristina B. Franco
Day 17Saturday, March 23Women and Gospel Learning in the HomeHenry B. Eyring
Day 18Sunday, March 24Parents and ChildrenDallin H. Oaks
Day 19Monday, March 25Sisters’ Participation in the Gathering of IsraelRussell M. Nelson
Opening RemarksRussell M. Nelson
Day 20Tuesday, March 26The Vision of the Redemption of the DeadM. Russell Ballard
Day 21Wednesday, March 27Becoming a ShepherdBonnie H. Cordon
Day 22Thursday, March 28The Ministry of ReconciliationJeffrey R. Holland
Day 23Friday, March 29The Role of the Book of Mormon in ConversionShayne M. Bowen
Day 24Saturday, March 30WoundedNeil L. Andersen
Day 25Sunday, March 31Try, Try, TryHenry B. Eyring
Day 26Monday, April 1The FatherBrian K. Ashton
Taking upon Ourselves the Name of Jesus ChristRobert C. Gay
Day 27Tuesday, April 2Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?Matthew L. Carpenter
Day 28Wednesday, April 3Choose You This DayDale G. Renlund
Day 29Thursday, April 4Shepherding SoulsGary E. Stevenson
Day 30Friday, April 5Becoming Exemplary Latter-day SaintsRussell M. Nelson
General Conference!Saturday, April 6General Conference!General Conference!
General Conference!Sunday, April 7General Conference!General Conference!

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Another great way to prepare is reading all of President Nelson’s talks.

Whatever way you choose to prepare, we hope you enjoy prepping for General Conference!