I would like to introduce you to our new channel, named “able Challenge of the Day.” This is actually where the idea of ABLE started. I wanted to be able to post a simple challenge every day on Social Media that most people could relate to and could accomplish. I didn’t want anything that would see, like another to-do or another box to check off. Thus, they will be simple.

Originally, I wanted to be very specific with these daily challenges. But, I realized that there is so much power in:

  1. asking a question in a way that the viewer has to come up with their own challenge. But, if anything, it gave them a specific target to shoot for. Sometimes it is hard to decide what to improve or listen to, because there is always so many different things we can/should be doing. Taking it one thing at a time, one day at a time, will yield so many more results in our becoming something.
  2. using the words of the prophets for the challenges. Let’s be honest, you are much more likely to follow through with a challenge if it is from a leader than some 25-year-old kid who thinks he can challenge the world through social media. Thus, the daily challenges will be based off of conference talks, speeches across the world, and important messages that have been shared.

Below is the very first “Challenge of the Day”. I thought I would be safe to start with a challenge from the Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, from this last LDS General Conference in October 2016.


And here is the quote where the challenge was drawn from:


I hope you enjoy these daily postings! Feel free to use the graphics- whether you are reposting, sharing, etc. Don’t forget to follow ABLE on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! And then after that, make sure to INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

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