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“30 Days of Conference” Challenge – Fall ’17 Schedule

Two times a year, we have the amazing opportunity to be inspired by church leaders on how we can live our lives better every day. “30 Days of Conference” on Instagram and Facebook posts a talk every day that helps us all to prepare for the next General Conference. In the 30 days leading up to LDS General Conference, we will read all of the talks from the April 2017 General Conference! Make sure to follow @30daysofconference on Facebook & Instagram: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Click here for the READING SCHEDULE for the FALL 2017 “30 DAYS OF CONFERENCE” Challenge!...

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LDS Candidate’s Perfect Response to “Golden Mormon Boy” Criticism

“There comes a time in each of our lives, what I like to call the moment of “selfhood”, where we need to understand for our self’s who we are and what we believe. I have had this moment. I’m not simply a Mormon conservative – I’m Patrick John Risk, who happens to be Mormon and a conservative! I don’t follow blindly; I strike my own path having truly seen and come to believe what I try and live each day. The sooner we each stop trying to label everything and everyone in our life’s, recognizing the uniqueness of each situation and person, the sooner we’ll come to discover what it really means to live in harmony with others.”

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The 14-Temple Family Road Trip

Passing 14 LDS Temples on a 14-hour trip from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. I don’t know what the pioneers would be more amazed by- that it only takes 14 hours to get from LA, or that there are 14 temples on the way. Either way, it’s a miracle in itself that both are true. What an amazing way for you and your family to be able to visit 14 temples in just 1/2 a day (or days, if you want to lengthen it a little), and feel of the power that comes from even being in the...

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The Decision President Kimball Made on the 4th of July

“I remember as a boy going to the Fourth of July celebration on the streets of my little town and seeing some of the men as they took part in the horse racing as participator or as gambler, betting on the horses, and I noted that many of them had cigarettes in their lips and bottles in their pockets and some were ugly drunk and with their bleary eyes and coarse talk and cursing…”

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10 Ways that Fathers Make a Difference

10 Ways that Fathers Make a Difference | Happy Fathers Day!

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