It isn’t always easy to stand up and speak out, especially when there are sensitive subjects at the core of a message. But in Romans 1:16, Paul reminds us of a critical need to never be “…ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.”

Political candidate Patrick Risk (3rd District, South Jordan) is a great example of Paul’s counsel to the Romans. Today he shared his response to people that criticize him for being just the ‘conservative republican “golden Mormon boy”‘. Check out his response on Facebook:

“In the eyes of many, I have clearly been labeled the conservative republican “golden Mormon boy”. I have no problem with this imposed label, except for those same people who somehow think it makes me a “brainwashed”, naïve, “blind follower,” who lives in a bubble of “perfection” and doesn’t really understand the world. This is grossly inaccurate. Those who feel that way clearly have hidden wounds and “chips on their shoulders” which lead them to paint with broad strokes of self-defense. I’m sorry they were hurt or judged by someone “like me” in their past, but I am NOT that person. Having been hurt by “golden Mormon boys” in my past – namely by the CTR wearing, pictures of Prophets and Christ covering his walls, perpetrator who sexually abused me as a child – I understand this well. There comes a time in each of our lives, what I like to call the moment of “selfhood”, where we need to understand for our self’s who we are and what we believe. I have had this moment. I’m not simply a Mormon conservative – I’m Patrick John Risk, who happens to be Mormon and a conservative! I don’t follow blindly; I strike my own path having truly seen and come to believe what I try and live each day. The sooner we each stop trying to label everything and everyone in our life’s, recognizing the uniqueness of each situation and person, the sooner we’ll come to discover what it really means to live in harmony with others. You can either become a duplicate product of your circumstances, or become your own new and unique product! I choose the latter. My circumstance was that I was abused by a Mormon priesthood holder; my product was that I discovered for myself the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ found in the Mormon faith and now strive to be a worthy priesthood holder. My circumstance was that I was silenced by ultra conservative republicans for years; my product was that I’ve educated myself on the key issues of today and speak and stand boldly for those candidates (republican and democrat) that align to what I’ve learned is best for the country. #ClearJudgmentFromYourEyes #BeYourOwnProduct

I certainly am grateful that we have people like Patrick Risk running to help lead and shape our communities. I have no doubt he will stand up for those that are in need and less-fortunate.

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Patrick Risk is running for 3rd District City Council in South Jordan, Utah. Check out his website at and his political profile is

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