From April 1984 until October 2021, Russell M. Nelson has given 95 talks in General Conference. As the Prophet and 17th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, what better way to get to know him than reading all of his General Conference talks?

Click on the title of the talk below to be directed to the video and text of the talk. (As he continues to give talks at General Conference, this page will be updated.)

Week 1: 1984-1987
Talk 1: Call to the Holy Apostleship
Talk 2: Protect the Spiritual Power Line
Talk 3: Reverence for Life
Talk 4: Self-Mastery
Talk 5: In the Lord’s Own Way
Talk 6: “Joy Cometh in the Morning”
Talk 7: Life after Life

Week 2: 1987-1990
Talk 8: Lessons from Eve
Talk 9: Keys of the Priesthood
Talk 10: “With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible”
Talk 11: Addiction or Freedom
Talk 12: The Canker of Contention
Talk 13: Woman-Of Infinite Worth
Talk 14: “Thus Shall My Church Be Called”

Week 3: 1990-1993
Talk 15: Choices
Talk 16: Listen to Learn
Talk 17: “These … Were Our Examples”
Talk 18: Doors of Death
Talk 19: Where is Wisdom?
Talk 20: Honoring the Priesthood
Talk 21: Combatting Spiritual Drift-Our Global Pandemic

Week 4: 1993-1996
Talk 22: Constancy amid Change
Talk 23: “Teach Us Tolerance and Love”
Talk 24: The Spirit of Elijah
Talk 25: Children of the Covenant
Talk 26: Perfection Pending
Talk 27: “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods”
Talk 28: The Atonement

Week 5: 1997-2000
Talk 29: Endure and Be Lifted Up
Talk 30: Spiritual Capacity
Talk 31: A New Harvest Time
Talk 32: We Are Children of God
Talk 33: Our Sacred Duty to Honor Women
Talk 34: A Testimony of the Book of Mormon
Talk 35: The Creation

Week 6: 2000-2003
Talk 36: Living by Scriptural Guidance
Talk 37: Personal Preparation for Temple Blessings
Talk 38: “Set in Order Thy House”
Talk 39: How Firm Our Foundation
Talk 40: “Blessed Are the Peacemakers”
Talk 41: Sweet Power of Prayer
Talk 42: Personal Priesthood Responsibility

Week 7: 2004-2007
Talk 43: Roots and Branches
Talk 44: Senior Missionaries and the Gospel
Talk 45: Now is the Time to Prepare
Talk 46: Jesus Christ-the Master Healer
Talk 47: Nurturing Marriage
Talk 48: The Gathering of Scattered Israel
Talk 49: Repentance and Conversion

Week 8: 2007-2011
Talk 50: Scriptural Witnesses
Talk 51: Salvation and Exaltation
Talk 52: Celestial Marriage
Talk 53: Lessons from the Lord’s Prayers
Talk 54: Ask, Seek, Knock
Talk 55: Generations Linked in Love
Talk 56: Be Thou an Example of the Believers

Week 9: 2011-2014
Talk 57: Face the Future with Faith
Talk 58: Covenants
Talk 59: Thanks Be to God
Talk 60: Ask the Missionaries! They Can Help You!
Talk 61: Catch the Wave
Talk 62: Decisions for Eternity
Talk 63: Let Your Faith Show

Week 10: 2014-2017
Talk 64: Sustaining the Prophets
Talk 65: The Sabbath Is a Delight
Talk 66: A Plea to My Sisters
Talk 67: The Price of Priesthood Power
Talk 68: Joy and Spiritual Survival
Talk 69: Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives
Talk 70: The Book of Mormon: What Would Your Life Be Like without it?

Week 11: Prophet Era (2018)
Talk 71: Introductory Remarks
Talk 72: Ministering with the Power and Authority of God
Talk 73: Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives
Talk 74: Ministering
Talk 75: Let Us All Press On
Talk 76: Opening Remarks
Talk 77: Sisters’ Participation in the Gathering of Israel

Week 12: Prophet Era 2 (2018-2019)
Talk 78: The Correct Name of the Church
Talk 79: Becoming Exemplary Latter-day Saints
Talk 80: We Can Do Better and Be Better
Talk 81: “Come, Follow Me”
Talk 82: Closing Remarks (April 2019)
Talk 83: Witnesses, Aaronic Priesthood Quorums, and Young Women Classes
Talk 84: Spiritual Treasures

Week 13: Prophet Era 3 (2019-2020)
Talk 85: The Second Great Commandment
Talk 86: Closing Remarks (October 2019)
Talk 87: Opening Message (April 2020)
Talk 88: Opening the Heavens for Help
Talk 89: Hear Him
Talk 90: Hosanna Shout
Talk 91: Go Forward in Faith

Week 14: Prophet Era 4 (2020-2021)
Talk 92: Moving Forward
Talk 93: Embrace the Future with Faith
Talk 94: Let God Prevail
Talk 95: A New Normal
Talk 96: Welcome Message (April 2021)
Talk 97: What We Are Learning and Will Never Forget
Talk 98: Christ is Risen; Faith in Him Will Move Mountains

Week 15: Prophet Era 5 (2021-Present)
Talk 99: COVID-19 and Temples
Talk 100: Pure Truth, Pure Doctrine, and Pure Revelation
Talk 101: The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation
Talk 102: Make Time for the Lord

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